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'Teddy's American Diner' Review

Viva Las Vegas

The premise is funny, if a bit corny: burgers and milkshakes in 50s American Diner, complete with red and white leather booths, vintage pin-up Coke ads and the inevitable Elvis playing in the background. Teddy’s American Diner will serve you ordinary burgers, and then win you over with his unexpectedly charming personality.

Listen, you will not eat the burger of your life here. With its pretty basic sesame bun, the barely melted cheese and the good ol’ plain BBQ sauce, you already had this very same burger countless times, possibly even prepared it at home yourself. Far from epic, but familiar and honest, quietly performing its duty as comfort food. This said, when we gathered our thoughts for this review we were surprised by how much we actually enjoyed the experience. Perhaps we simply liked that it plays by its own rules; perhaps we needed something different; perhaps because it reminded us of a virtually identical burger we had not long ago in a tiny riverside Californian diner. And in the end, yes, it might be shallow to have dinner in such a place in Vienna, but it was a welcomed treat in an often over-serious burger-tasting journey.

For once, forget the big franchising chains, the engineered money-making burger restaurants, the hip Viennese parlors. Come to Teddy’s for a simple burger, stay for the playful atmosphere. Have fun, for once.

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