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'Rinderwahn' Review

Burger, Mon Amour

If you are a recovering burger addict, you might want to avoid Weihburggasse, right next to Stephansplatz: the sweet smell of grilled beef coming out of Rinderwahn will make you want to call up your sponsor at the speed of light.

Part of the ever-growing Huth group, that is apparently buying every available space in Vienna, this butcher-themed restaurant offers a wide range of burger options that span from beef to pulled pork, from chicken to veggie. Since we believe that excellence is better manifest in simplicity, we went for the evergreen bacon cheeseburger - and it did not disappoint. From the Cheddar to the firm cucumber pickles, the masterfully balanced toppings highlight a juicy medium-rare patty. But it’s the team work of sauce and bread that makes the true difference here: the home-made mayonnaise provides a perfect silky note to the composition, while the brioche bun is the loyal companion it is supposed to be - soft and delicate but consistent till the very end. Add a proper side of fries with a delicious dipping sauce and subtract a bitterly ice-cold service, and you have a pretty good picture of our Rinderwahn experience.

Its hyper engineered character, that betrays an ill-concealed money-hungry soul, might indeed be off-putting to many. But even if we do feel for those smaller parlors whose life has become significantly harder in recent years due to this kind of big scale businesses, we cannot help but acknowledging that Rinderwahn serves consistently finger-licking, standing-ovation worthy burgers.

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