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'Peter Pane' Review

Magic, Cocktails and Frozen Patties

It was a chilly mid-autumn evening when our heroes sought refuge in a mysterious Neverland-themed restaurant that served cocktails and mediocre burgers. Thus started their grotesque adventure in a land where Millennials refuse to grow up.

The fine suffuse lighting, the funny furnishing details, the peculiar fairy-tale atmosphere - as far as theme restaurants go, it probably doesn’t get better than that. But after reading the confusing list of cocktails, burgers and champagne and receiving their orders, our heroes had a frightening realization: unbeknownst to them, they had been teleported from what they thought was a funny family diner to a twisted pre-club fast-food restaurant with a spectacularly pointless concept and unimpressive burgers. The monthly special with mushrooms, the standard bacon cheeseburger and its pricey dry-aged counterpart - all resembled those McDonald’s seasonals, but slightly more expensive and in no way more interesting. Eating through their kind of enjoyable, yet sadly cardboardy frozen-meat-based burgers, our heroes understood how essential quality and genuineness are as values, and how they should never be replaced by superfluous gimmicks and empty frills.

The epilogue of this story sees our heroes leave Peter Pane with their feet well anchored to the ground. Disheartened and dissatisfied. “Second star to the right, and straight on to the check, please”.

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'Frank's' Review
Beginning and End of a Love Story

Frank’s welcomes you with a succulent display of ageing beef cuts, hanging behind a glass like shiny trophies. It builds up your hopes - and hunger - right from the gate, then proceeds to partially shatter them at the table, leaving you with a disillusioned heart and a bitter mouth.

December 14, 2019
'Schrnk' Review
If Wishes Were Burgers

Burgers are much more than just the sum of their ingredients. Grilling a patty and stacking it into a bun with arbitrary toppings and sauces simply isn’t enough. Schrnk’s attempt feels slightly superficial and ends up missing the target by more than a little.

November 6, 2019
'Rinderwahn' Review
Burger, Mon Amour

If you are a recovering burger addict, you might want to avoid Weihburggasse, right next to Stephansplatz: the sweet smell of grilled beef coming out of Rinderwahn will make you want to call up your sponsor at the speed of light.

October 24, 2019
'It's All About The Meat Baby' Review
One-Two Burger

Let’s agree to disagree: it’s not all about the meat. Good burgers need quality meat as much as they need a proper bun and harmonic toppings. Fortunately, despite the pretentious name, It’s All About The Meat Baby does not neglect this delicate balance and ultimately manages to deliver a delicious experience.

October 17, 2019