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'It's All About The Meat Baby' Review

One-Two Burger

Let’s agree to disagree: it’s not all about the meat. Good burgers need quality meat as much as they need a proper bun and harmonic toppings. Fortunately, despite the pretentious name, It’s All About The Meat Baby does not neglect this delicate balance and ultimately manages to deliver a delicious experience.

Strangely nestled inside an Irish Pub, with which it shares some of the spaces, the service and the peculiarly pungent odour, this joint does not necessarily stand out for its atmosphere. But it’s not all about neon lights and wall prints: the true soul of It’s All About The Meat Baby is revealed in its menu, proudly concise and confident. You have the option to go safe with the familiar Mega Cheeseburger or to experiment with the Bad Ass - slightly more elaborate with sauce béarnaise and caramelized onions - and you really don’t need more. In both cases, the meat, advertised as Irish beef, has the relevance it deserves and the toppings do their job without stealing the scene. Crowned with beautiful homemade buns and stripped of any unnecessary gimmick, there isn’t really one discordant note in these burgers.

It’s not clear whether the symbiosis with Charlie P’s helps or drags It’s All About The Meat Baby, but the somewhat minimalistic result, focused on the product rather than on a marketing concept, feels raw and real in a way that any true burger aficionado cannot help but enjoy.

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