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'Frank's' Review

Beginning and End of a Love Story

Frank’s welcomes you with a succulent display of ageing beef cuts, hanging behind a glass like shiny trophies. It builds up your hopes - and hunger - right from the gate, then proceeds to partially shatter them at the table, leaving you with a disillusioned heart and a bitter mouth.

It’s both a figure of speech and a fact: after cutting in half our Angus Cheeseburgers and taking a satisfying look at their beautifully thick and juicy patties, the taste that prevailed in our mouths at the first bite was indeed of bitter burnt meat. An otherwise properly cooked and tasty Angus patty completely spoiled by a gigantic oversight: was the grill too hot, or perhaps hadn’t it sufficiently cleared of previous meat residues? Whatever the reason, the result was that the strong point of Frank’s turned out to be the weakest point of our dinner. Perhaps it was just a bad evening, perhaps even a one-time mistake, but in any case not really something one can accept from a central restaurant specialized in meat, and for a whopping 15.5 euros price tag. And to be honest, it was kind of downhill from there: the dry bun, the pointless crouton- and parmesan-less ceasar salad as a side, the 5 euros micro portion of generic fries. Oh boy, talk about unmet expectations.

A startling superficial, loveless execution. Frank’s, you broke our heart.

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