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'Flatschers' Review

Welcome to Beef Heaven

The first world eats too much meat. In some cases, we eat it in such form and quality that it barely qualifies as meat, and we are left wondering whether it’s really worth the life of an animal and the impact on the environment. In some other cases, on the other hand, it is respected and elevated in such a way that we truly perceive its value as a food. Flatschers is without doubt one of the latter cases.

Though focused on appropriately refined steakhouse dishes, its burger offering is what, unsurprisingly, attracted us. With basically just a couple of choices, right off the menu, it is clear that they wisely focus on the meat and strip off all the unnecessary. Wisely, we say, because they do know how to handle it: while a 260g cheeseburger might seem intimidating on paper, Flatschers seamlessly manages to make it an unforgettable experience. It’s everything we love in a burger - a few basic quality toppings that highlight an incredible layer of ground beef, juicy and tender albeit being cooked medium-well-done and aided only by a thin veil of delicious house-made sauce. A monument of sorts, that gloriously celebrates its main ingredient and preserves, thanks to a soft but consistent bun, its structural integrity to the very last bite.

Our quest to the perfect burger might still have a long way to go, but trust us: Flatschers is an unmissable checkpoint.

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