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'Das Eduard' Review


Das Eduard is a cosy bar with very friendly service, generally good kitchen and a couple of interesting burgers in the menu. Even though, admittedly, on some unlucky days you might receive an overtoasted bun or an overcooked patty, most of the times you will likely enjoy the same surprising experience that won us over.

Although possibly above the average for this kind of restaurant with its tasty bacon, fried crispy onions and thick patty (ask for medium rare!), it’s not necessarily the Cheeseburger that you should go for. Instead, is with his Crispy Chickenburger that our dear Eduard surprises: a homemade bun that hosts a mountain of chicken filet wrapped in an amazingly thick and crunchy breading, topped with crispy bacon, red cabbage and green salad, with fresh tomatoes and sour cream providing just the right amount of moisture. Included in the price you can choose between normal or sweet-potato fries (both, to be honest, a little too much on the greasy side) but you might want to opt for a lighter side: this burger is so greasy and tasty that a green salad will feel like a welcomed counterbalance.

Sometimes you sit in your trusted bar and for once decide to order some food with your beer. Often times, you will be disappointed and go back to ordering drinks only. In places like Das Eduard, on the other end, you might end up discovering a little hidden gem.

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