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'Burger Bros The Mall' Review

Bro, Hit the Breaks

It’s not enough to serve a great burger to be a great burger restaurant. It’s not enough to throw in the cool logo, the predictable cow statues, the wooden tables and the design lights. Burger Bros The Mall serves delicious burgers, but forgets the essential ingredient: passion.

Balance is an important factor for a good burger, and the Bros find it effortlessly in their three 200g-angus-patty options: juicy and characterful meat supported - and not overshadowed - by well calibrated and combined toppings, a soft bun and tasty but pleasantly non-invasive sauces (guacamole being the only minor exception). Overall we are talking about above-the-average material. It’s all the rest that left us wondering. Can a 13€ burger be served at a self service counter, without fries and with a 4,9€ beer as only option? Does it make sense to have such pricey dinner while staring at a depressing side entrance of a shopping mall, only because the more welcoming area of the restaurant becomes off limits three hours before closing time? Is it acceptable that a restaurant, after opting for the fast food approach, runs out of fries right in the middle of the evening service?

Burger Bros pretty much nails it with safe yet interesting combinations that make for undeniably good burgers. At the same time, it distracts you by serving them in a setting that makes you want to stand up after the last bite and leave as fast as possible - almost as fast as the food you just ate.

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