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'Beaver Brewing Company' Review

Dam Good

There’s a unique satisfaction in having a dinner that matches pretty much perfectly your expectations. Beaver Brewing Company is one of those rare cases where you know exactly what you are going to get without any surprises: freshly brewed beer and fair burgers.

The menu might be one or two options too long, and it might lack some more traditional choices (no plain cheeseburger in sight), but it has character without being uselessly over the top. If we wanted to be picky, we would say that The Madness burger was not so mad after all, with an interesting double-textured onion feature but an almost undetectable protagonist (bacon jam). We would say that the bacon in the Bacon Burger was indeed good, but also that the fried egg was marginally relevant. We could point out a number of minor flaws, but you know what? Instead we will spend the rest of this review acknowledging that no matter how imperfect, we did enjoy our dinner, thanks to the easy-going and welcoming atmosphere and the good homemade burgers, hardly mind-blowing but in many ways better than others we had in more assuming places.

Beaver Brewing Company promises a genuine experience without trying to conceal its limits, eventually delivering on such promise with refreshing honesty.

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