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The Burger Reviewer's Best So Far

Mid-2019 Edition

Half of 2019 has passed, and the time has come to look back at six months of burger tasting. Since the beginning of the year we have visited almost twenty restaurants in Vienna and published ten of the reviews we wrote about them. As you might know by now, we avoid precise ratings and we don’t compile charts: the subject matter is just too personal, too complex and faceted to be meaningfully quantified in numbers. But many of you asked us for some kind of recap, so here we are: a list of the best we had so far. Some we fell in love with, some left a mark, some are not necessarily our absolute favorites but nevertheless worth mentioning. It’s more of a thematic list than a ordered chart, but we hope it’ll give you inspiration for your next dinner. Without further ado:

The Gotha

a.k.a. the ones we can’t stop talking about
  • Black BBQ Burger by Laurenz4: jaw-dropping black bun and beyond-interesting toppings that deliver an astonishing experience.
  • Bacon Cheeseburger by Mama und der Bulle: thick meat, dark toasted bun and crunchy bacon accurately composed and beautifully presented.
  • D.C. Burger by Flatschers: an ode to Beef for steakhouse Burgers fanatics.

The Heavyweights

a.k.a. the ones we licked our fingers for
  • Bacon Charlie Burger by Rinderwahn: a Bacon Cheeseburger that left us wanting for more.
  • Farmhouse Burger by Le Burger: egg, mushrooms and deliciously crunchy bacon.
  • Special-burger-whose-name-we-forgot by Die Burgermacher: savoury dry-aged patty, fried onions and a smooth beef-cheek-based sauce that nods at typical Austrian cuisine.

The Honourable Mentions

a.k.a. not the best of the best, but worth mentioning
  • Depardieu’s Liebling by Weinschenke: marinated red cabbage and caramelized plums team up with Wild Pig in this almost dadaist Burger.
  • Big Kahuna Burger by Burger Bros: Angus Beef enriched by jalapenos and a tasty sauce.
  • Baconburger by SalzBurger: a somewhat one-of-a-kind Bacon Cheeseburger.

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