About The Burger Reviewer

The Burger Reviewer begins at the end of 2018 as an excuse to have dinner with friends and quickly becomes something more: a quest to find the best Burgers in Vienna, sharing the journey with those who, like us, cannot resist a patty in a bun. Sometimes we end up barely satisfied, sometimes our minds are completely blown away, but in the end we all know it’s just a matter of taste. This is why we choose to write reviews that tell about experiences, rather than deliver ratings and rankings or drawing up 10-best-lists that inevitably end up being all the same. Our mission is to tell stories capable of entertaining and, most importantly, starting an honest conversation about a topic we all love: food.

The Voracious Tasters

Fate wanted this group of Italians not only to meet in Vienna, but also to share a constant craving for Burgers. Coming from different regions of the Bel Paese and with sometimes quite different tastes, they might end up fighting over which restaurant to try next of which burger to order, but they undertake this jurney with the same enthusiasm of kids in a candy shop.

The Reviewer

Viennese by recent adoption but born and raised in Milano, Italy, Stef is both genuinely fixated with Italian food and in love with international cuisine. His history with burgers dates back at least a couple of decades, over which he had patties and buns of all kinds, shapes and sizes. One could say that he has a problem: for him, virtually every Burger is worth tasting, no matter if it's served in a fast-food, a food truck or a fancy restaurant. And even though his heart belongs to beefy bacon cheeseburgers (rigorously in a brioche bun), he constantly keeps an open mind - and stomach - for any promising alternative.


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Stefano Bider
Wien, AT